Our core values while building Dokpam.

February 9, 2021

Everyone in our team has a background of working either in Medicine or Technology. Our team has two strong beliefs. Good healthcare improves the quality of life and the internet has the ability to amplify the power of healthcare.
We work at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We are sure it can bring people together in a meaningful way. It can help the ones in need to get well again while improving health outcomes for others.

Haiti is on the cusp of an Internet revolution. Today, we can connect the healthcare provider and the person in need in a way that was never possible before. When these two people meet, life gets better. Our team is united in service of this higher purpose. All of this potential can be unlocked by keeping the focus on the right objectives. For us, these objectives are

1 . Make healthcare more accessible to all Haitians
2. Empower the Doctors to improve their consultation by harnessing the power of technology
3. Improve the experience of the patient by removing frictions

We regularly ask ourselves these questions.
Are we helping the ones who need it most?
Are we positioning ourselves in a place where there is a real void to be filled?
Are we waking up excited about working?
Are we constantly reassessing and improving ourselves?
We consider ourselves successful if answers to these questions is a “yes”

Team “Dokpam” are the people you consider friends and family even though they’re not directly related to you. We feel the same for our users. Health is important, we understand this. We are building the product with this feeling of ‘taking good care of our family and friends.’